Series & Parallel Connection diagram | Battery Series & Parallel Diagram system

Battery Series & Parallel Wiring Diagram:

Series Battery Connection system:

Series Battery Connection:

Connecting a group of batteries in series involves connecting the negative terminal (N-line) of one battery to the positive terminal (P-line) of the other and so on until all the batteries are connected. Because the amps stay the same, but the voltage increases.

Parallel Battery Connection:

Materials Need for this Project:

You can get the Materials from any of the sites below:

1. Battery

Materials used to make the Series and Parallel Wiring:

05. Battery

A 12-volt battery is an irregular battery used in certain electronic applications. Among all types of batteries, the 12-volt battery is one that looks very different depending on its use. It can be big or small, heavy or light. 12-volt batteries are commonly used in RV, boat and other automobile systems.From a technical perspective, a battery uses one or more cells to allow a chemical reaction that creates a flow of electrons in a circuit.

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